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When Tree Removal Is Necessary

If a tree is damaged to the point of no longer being able to support itself, or if it’s becoming unsafe, the most effective solution may be to have it removed. While there are times when this is necessary, there are also ways to reduce the need for tree removal by taking steps to keep trees healthy and in good condition.

Whether or not a tree should be removed depends on the overall health and structural integrity of the trunk, branches and leaves. For example, a tree with significant damage to its roots, branches or trunk, or one that is prone to root-rot and/or insect infestation, is likely to be unstable and needs to be removed before it falls on structures or people.

A trained arborist will assess the health and structural condition of a tree to determine the most suitable removal method. This process can be complicated and expensive, depending on a variety of factors, such as the size of the tree, its location and whether it’s near power lines or other trees.

For trees that are in close proximity to buildings, power lines or other plants and trees, the best option may be to fell it in a controlled way. This is a more time-consuming process than trimming, but it ensures that any potential damage to other properties or structures is minimized.

To fell a tree in this manner, an arborist will first cut away any lower branches that hang over buildings, roads or other nearby plants. This is done by making an undercut on the side of the branch, sawing upwards from underneath about 1/4th through the branch and then cutting downwards again, about 6-12 inches below the first cut. This creates a clean break and enables the arborist to control the fall of the branch by using ropes.

The next step is to walk around the tree or shrub and inspect its surroundings. A safe Tree service near me St. George Ut requires an area that is free of any structure, traffic or people. The area should also be clear of lawn furniture, potted plants, toys, fire pits and other items that could be harmed by falling branches or debris. In addition, the tree should be a minimum of twice as far away from anything it could potentially hit as its height.

In cases where a tree cannot be safely felled, an alternative may be to remove the stump. Stump grinding involves cutting down the stump to below ground level, or even completely out of sight. This can be done by hand or with mechanical equipment, and it’s usually a service that is included in the cost of the overall tree removal.

Once a final decision has been made about how the tree will be removed, it’s important for anyone working on the removal to wear proper safety equipment, including protective gloves, heavy boots and eye protection. The most important thing to remember is that removing a tree is dangerous work and that the results can be unpredictable. This is why hiring a professional can help you avoid costly and dangerous mistakes.


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